Lowongan Kerja Jepara Maret 2013

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Badex FC - Lowongan Kerja Maret 2013, Informasi untuk anda yang sedang mencari pekerjaan terutama yang berada di wilayah Jepara - Jawa Tengah, saat ini PT Langgeng Sejahtera Kontruksi sedang membutuhkan tenaga kerja yang mana nantinya akan ditempatkan pada bagian Junior Engineer, bila anda berminat untuk melamar pekerjaan tersebut berikut saya berikan syarat dan ketentuan Lowongan Kerja Jepara Maret 2013 :
PT Langgeng Sejahtera Kontruksi

PT. Langgeng Sejahtera Konstruksi (LSK) established in early November 2012. For the purpose of legality,association and certification, it will be adjusted with the provision of basic law in Indonesia.
Currently LSK also complement ourselves with certification to PJK3 and Lifting Equipment (jasa alat angkut). For the future, LSK will be heading to the quality management system (ISO 9001:2000) and work safety management which is usually called as CSMS (Certified Safety Management Specialist).
LSK located in Gedangan, near with the city border of Surabaya and Sidoarjo.Our address is RWU Vancouver J1/25, Puri Surya Jaya, Gedangan, East Java, Indonesia 61254. This place was chosen because it is close with the warehousing area, international airport, toll road and main road connecting Surabaya and Sidoarjo.
LSK supported by several personnel best in planning, implement and care for engineering,
construction and maintenance, with the field of works are Civil Work, Electrical Work and Mechanical Work. LSK doing proper planning targets not just in terms of engineering, but also in terms of preparation, implementation until hand over. It is intended to achieve the best result in terms of quality and safety.With emphasis on continuous communication with the client, so whenever we needed to communicate and act we will always be ready 24/7.
LSK always has priority of safety. Because, even the best work quality provided won’t mean anything without a good work of safety. The quality will be determined by a value has given, but the Safety is priceless because it is related to human life. With the best safety performance, we will provide the quality as client’s requirement.
LSK always puts client’s satisfaction with concerning the aspect of quality and safety. And we will always be committed to tend it and keep in touch with the clients. We will grow through the
suggestions and criticisms from our clients, as a subject of consideration and correction of all our
shortcomings or imperfection.
So that we could provide a glimpse of the LSK, hopefully this is enough to give insight about us.

Junior Engineer - Jepara
Jepara (Jawa Tengah)


    Experience min. 2 years related to HVAC
    Experience min. 2 years related to electrical works (Power, Panel, PLC, etc)
    Able to be positioned at site
    Able to operate computer (microsoft office – basic OS)

Application Requirement:

    Curricullum Vitae
    Newest Photo ID
    ID Card (KTP)

Apply to project@lsk-indonesia.com CODE “TL-CR”

Tanggal penutupan Lowongan Kerja Jepara : 17 Maret 2013

Demikian Informasi terbaru seputar Lowongan Kerja Jepara Maret 2013, segera ajukan surat lamaran anda ke alamat yang tertera diatas. dan jangan sampai melewati batas waktu yang ditentukan. nantikan juga Lowongan Kerja SMP, SMA, SMK Jepara Maret 2013 yang akan segera hadir untuk anda.

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